Gianni Salvatore Pino
Max Venturi
Pietro Ruffini
Sophie Dunajev
Giuseppe Tomasi
Adrien Coquelle
Luigino Zangobbo
Marco Sassoè
Marcello De Meo
Silvana Genisio
Giacomo Bozzolino
Roberto Ganassa
Fabrizio Pastori
Giuseppe Vulpo
Mauro Gialdini
Bruno Bostica
Matteo Lazzari
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We inform you that the jury meeting will take place on February, 12th. The winning photographs will be announced after  the eventually technical check.
Bormio, Torino, Pescasseroli, Chambéry, 18th January 2021

A FEW DAYS LEFT... participate in the contest.
The times are not very encouraging for photographing, to be sure, but in this difficult moment the beauty of nature and of our Parks can be the source of some comfort.